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Will Recovery be More Intense After Revision Rhinoplasty?

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Revision rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to correct or improve the results of a previous nose job. This "secondary rhinoplasty" procedure can be more complex than the primary rhinoplasty, and, as a result, recovery can be more intense.

At Alford Facial Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX, facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Eugene Alford has over 30 years of experience performing both rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. In fact, Dr. Gene is one of only three doctors in the Houston area with this level of experience.

Keep reading to learn more about what patients can expect during the recovery process and how to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience after revision rhinoplasty.

What is the recovery timeline following revision rhinoplasty?

Recovery from revision rhinoplasty can take several weeks. The initial recovery period typically lasts about 1 – 2 weeks, during which time patients may experience some discomfort, swelling, and bruising. However, pain medication and cold compresses are usually enough to help manage these symptoms.

Once your surgery is done, you will be fitted for a small cast on the outside of your nose. You'll likely need to wear this for the week between surgery and your follow-up appointment.

In the first few days following the procedure, it's important to rest as much as possible and keep your head elevated while sleeping. Your aftercare instructions from Dr. Gene will also advise you to do the following for several weeks:

  • Avoid strenuous activities
  • Avoid blowing your nose for several weeks
  • Avoid wearing glasses directly on your nose for four weeks (Dr. Gene can give you a special device to allow you to wear eyeglasses while healing)
  • Keep the surgical site clean using saline sprays or nasal irrigators

Each patient is different, and you will be given customized instructions based on your unique situation and again during a follow-up appointment one week after surgery.

Most patients are able to return to work or other normal activities after a week (and they prefer to wait until the cast comes off). It's wise to avoid strenuous exercise or activities that could cause trauma to the nose for 2 – 3 weeks after revision rhinoplasty.

While swelling and other symptoms may persist for several weeks, they will gradually improve with time. However, if you have questions about your recovery, you're encouraged to check in with Dr. Gene to ensure healing is going smoothly.

Factors that affect recovery after revision rhinoplasty

Several factors can influence the length and intensity of recovery from revision rhinoplasty, including:

  • Age
  • Overall health
  • Smoking (which can slow down the healing process and increase the risk of complications)
  • Getting adequate rest
  • Eating a nutritious diet
  • The extent of the procedure (more extensive surgeries typically requiring longer recovery periods)

You will likely want to use a humidifier for a few weeks since you will be predominantly breathing through your mouth, and humidity can help avoid a dry mouth and sore throat.

Get revision rhinoplasty in Houston, TX

Recovery from revision rhinoplasty can be more intense than recovery from a primary rhinoplasty. But with proper aftercare and attention to individual factors that can affect recovery, patients can minimize their discomfort and promote faster healing.

If you're interested in learning more about what a revision rhinoplasty can do for you and how you can achieve the best possible outcomes, schedule a consultation with Dr. Eugene Alford at Alford Facial Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX today.

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