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Consultation Rooms - Alford Facial Plastic Surgery

About Our Consultation Rooms

Dr. Alford is proud to offer four private cosmetic consultation rooms and a photo suite. Before any procedure, you will have a through consultation with Dr. Alford to talk about your concerns need, cosmetic goals, and medical history. We use the Mirror Imaging System to enhance the communication during all cosmetic consultations. With Mirror, we can take digital photos and manipulate the images to create a photo that mimics the intended result the patient desires. Dr. Alford uses it as a communication tool so that the he and the patient are imagining at the same time what the procedure would look like, and Dr. Alford will clearly know what you desire to achieve. Using Mirror software, Dr. Alford can also better communicate realistic expectations and anything he cannot do. Based on this consultation, Dr. Alford will be better able to create your unique treatment plan for great results.